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Character list

Post by Shea on Sun Aug 25, 2013 5:03 am

A list on all the characters, their jobs and their faces.

First gen:
Vincent Micah Anais- Mentor of Jacen and Artemis, boss and ally of the Westmores (Christopher Lee)
Jakob Westmore- Boss (David Duchovny)
Anastasia Westmore- Assassin/assistant to Jakob (Gillian Anderson)
Quentin James- Head of the famous assassin family (Ian McShane)
Lara Shelley James- Assassin (Lara Parker)
Alistair Reid- Assassin/boss (Billy Drago)

Second gen:
Joseph Anais- Assassin (Michael Fassbender)
Leo James- Assassin (James McAvoy)
Jasper Trudeau- Assassin (Julian McMahon)
Angel James- Assassin (Cristina Scabbia)
Morgan Andrews- Bodyguard of Carmen (Brian Krause)
Carmen Anastasia Westmore- Assistant of Jacen (Holly Marie Combs)
Artemis Jakob Westmore- Bodyguard of Jacen/Assassin (Taylor Kitsch)
Forrest Jacen Westmore- Boss (Ben Barnes)
Alex Shelley (James) Westmore- Assassin (Alex Shelley)
Frankie Kazarian- Bodyguard of Jacen (Frankie Kazarian)
Brayden James- Assassin (T.W. King)
Hannah Rollins- Assassin in the James Family (Shannen Doherty)
Mikey Chase- Informant for Jacen (Elijah Wood)
Zane Danielson- Weapons Dealer (Joseph Gordon-Levitt)
Devyn McKinney- Bartender/dancer at Jacen's club (Toby Hemingway)
Ariana McKinney- Singer/spy at Jacen's club (Ariana Grande)
Brian Kendrick- Assassin/trainer (Brian Kendrick)
Casey Johnson- Doctor/Hacker (Jesse Spencer)
Paul London- Assassin (Paul London)
Todd Brooks- Boss (David Tennant)
Phil Brooks- Police officer (Phil Brooks)
Chris Sabin- Assassin  (Chris Sabin)
Adam Copeland- Doctor (Adam Copeland)
Skylar Kazarian- Thief/Singer (Adam Lambert)
William Regal- Boss (William Regal)
Raven- Boss (Raven)
Mason Ryan- Boss (Mason Ryan)
Peter Darwin- Boss (Zachary Quinto)
Jacob Darwin- Assistant to Peter (Wes Bently)
Aiden Dallas- Bodyguard to Peter (Sean Bean)
Larkin Dallas- Bodyguard to Peter (David Wenham)
Nathaniel Taylor- Writer/minion of Peter (Johnny Depp)
Austin Aries- Assassin/minion (Austin Aries)
Jeremy Chase- Boss (Orlando Bloom)
Stevie Richards- Doctor (Stevie Richards)
Katrina Wittz- Assassin/Jasper's ex (Alyssa Milano)
Leslie Vaughn- Assassin (Ewan McGregor)

Third gen:
Dominic Westmore- 'Pet' of Todd Brooks/prostitute (Wes Ramsey)
Dante Westmore- Assassin/Future Boss (Drew Fuller)
Alyssa Westmore-  (Georgie Henley/Anna Kendrick)
Jayden James- Hacker (Justin Long)
Jaylee James- Assassin (Izzy Hale)
Tyler Black (Seth Rollins-James)- Assassin/Future Head Of The James Family  (Tyler Black)
Cameron Chase- Informant/Hacker (Asa Butterfield)
Jesse Westmore- (Logan Lerman)
Caleb Westmore- (Jimmy Deshler)
Will Matthews- Boss (Hayden Christensen)
Orion- Boss (Dominic Monaghan)
Oliver Burke- Assassin (Ben Wishaw)
Connor Burke- Hacker (Justin Bartha)
Skye Taylor- (Abigail Breslin/Melissa Benoist)
Gregory Davis- Boss (Adrian Pasdar)
Karin Davis- Former assistant (Elizabeth Mitchell)

Fourth gen:
Cole Westmore- assassin (David Knoll/William Moseley)
Kari Westmore- assassin (Ranya Jaber/Kamilla Belle)
Soren Westmore- assassin (Skandar Keynes)
Layla Delaney- con artist/assassin (Clemence Poesy)
Aimee Olsen- Graphic Artist (Ellen Wong)
Xavier Davis- Boss (Milo Ventimiglia)
Damien Davis- Assassin (Max Thieriot)
Elliot Wilson- Boss (Jim Parsons)


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